The Value of the Mass

The Value of the Mass
Up to our own times, it has been the constant concern of supreme pontiffs to ensure that the Church of Christ offers a worthy ritual to the Divine Majesty, 'to the praise and glory of His name,' and 'to the benefit of all His Holy Church - Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum

Monday, March 12, 2007

Changed the title of my blog.

Well, today I decided to change the title of my blog. I've done this because of what I studied during my Hermitage last weekend. During the weekend I read the constitution on the liturgy from the Second Vatican Council and by reading that I am convinced that the only way to renew the spirit of the Church and the souls of her members is for an authentic renewal of the liturgy. Unfortunately, due to my situation, I can't expound as to what I mean by this at this time, but I can say that the liturgy in its current form is not truly an organic development of the liturgical tradition of the Church. If you want to know what I mean by this, simply look at the pics.



And for those of you who don't think that's an honest comparison...


still no comparison.


Alexander said...


If you would like to read about the manipluation of the VII document on the Liturgy I highly recommend this book:

Liturgical Time Bombs In Vatican II

Zach said...

I'll keep that in mind. I'm currently waiting on about 3 books revolving around the same subject.

Ann Margaret Lewis said...

Note: the clown mass picture is at an Episcopal Church, not a Catholic Church.

Just thought I'd point that out for you.

Next time,check your sources.

God bless.

Zach said...

If you want, I can provide about a hundred pictures of cloen masses in catholic curches. I really hope that you aren't denying the fact that clown masses were and still are done in the Catholic Church.