The Value of the Mass

The Value of the Mass
Up to our own times, it has been the constant concern of supreme pontiffs to ensure that the Church of Christ offers a worthy ritual to the Divine Majesty, 'to the praise and glory of His name,' and 'to the benefit of all His Holy Church - Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cleaning Out the Closet

I spent all afternoon yesterday organizing the sacristy in the church and found some wonderful supprises. I found out that Holy Family has sets for Solemn High Masses in all liturgical colors except for silver. The best find, in my opinion, was this Solemn High rose vestment set that included everything (Cope, Chasuble, Dalmatic, Tunicle, Humeral Veil, Chalice Veil, Burse, Tabernacle Veil, Priest Stole, Deacon Stole) except for rose maniples. Check it out!

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Kimberly said...


Outstanding photos! My own "Zach" says that the Sacristy is in outstanding shape now, thanks to your efforts. God bless you, for all you do for Holy Family!